Herbal Foam Cleanser - professional size

16 fl. oz. / 480 ml
  • Soap-free cleanser with a light foaming action
  • Breaks up surface oils and residue
  • Leaves skin soft, moist, and pH balanced
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Professional size for use in treatments (not for retail size)

Other sizes:

Healthy skin starts with proper cleansing. Herbal Foam Cleanser is a creamy, gentle, and refreshing soap-free cleanser with a light foaming action. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, breaking up surface oils and eliminating residue. All skin types become soft, moist, and pH balanced. It creates a slick film on the skin which makes it great to use while shaving. In the treatment room, it is an effective pro-operative cleanser which helps to prepare the skin for treatments.